Making Room

making room // pregnancy announcementpregnancy annoucement // displaying family clothespregnancy announcement // onesieTurning our all-purpose guest room into a nursery has got me lit up with excitement!  The idea of defining a space for our second child has my mind racing.  One thing I do know is that when my nesting instincts kick up into high gear, I’ll be planning an all-white nursery to welcome Baby home to.

Making the decision to expand our family was an easy one.  In fact, it was one the Hubby and I decided on a few months after the birth of our first-born, Harrison.  We joked to each other that we wanted “Irish twins,” but in reality it wasn’t until an amazing (and our first family) trip to Hawaii that we truly felt ready.

Now, if you’re doing a little math here,  you’ll be able to determine our wait-for-another-baby didn’t come as quickly as expected.  I did my best to remain positive, not “think about it,” and just let things happen when they happen.  But when months, and even a year passes, it’s easy to re-evaluate the whole “glass half full” mentality.

My self-pity parties didn’t last long.  I’d continue to remind myself to believe in Faith, Hope, and Love.  Eventually He would give us a positive response.

With the added help from our fertility doctor,  we indeed got the response we had prayed 14 months for.  As much as I’m a bit weirded out by mentioning this,  I feel it’s important to recognize that even though I’m in my young 30’s, live a fairly stress-free lifestyle, and I’m part of an outstanding marriage; sometimes things seem beyond your control, and getting a helping hand from modern medicine can make your dreams come true.  Turning a dream into a reality isn’t something to be ashamed of and is why I’m sharing this particular paragraph.

I admit our road could have been more difficult to overcome.  Looking back, it was a minor bump compared to those who have infertility doctor bills thousands of dollars more than ours, or even those who have to go through the long process of adoption.  My heart goes out to those families.

With my first trimester past, the next question to face is finding out the gender.  This is where the all-white nursery comes into play.  We have chosen not to find out whether we are blessed with a boy or a girl.  What waiting-on-a-baby has taught us, is to be truly thankful for your fortunes.  To put focus on preparing on the necessities: stocking up on diapers, wet wipes, buying a double stroller, editing our 529 plan, and I say this last part in all seriousness,– finding the perfect diaper bag.

Being the planner than I am, I’ll be sure to pick up a couple of those adorable bows (just in case) to match the white, cream and grey newborn onesies I’ll have washed and ready for when baby arrives.  Who knows, I’ll probably also pick up one or two of those undeniably cute pink dresses (again, just in case) and new blue outfits Baby Gap has on constant rotation.

Or maybe there will be a day when I’ll look over at my Husband, tell him how nuts we are for waiting 6 months, and analyze the heck out of our latest ultrasound.

In either case, stay tuned :).

Sincerely, Kymberly 


Growing News

baby announcement // what to expect when  mommy's having a babybaby announcement // toddler reading bookbaby announcement // second babybig brother // birth announcement I’m pregnant!!

It’s exciting to reveal my big, no wait, huge, umm, better yet…growing news.

Coming March 2015 we will be expecting our second baby to the family and I’m blessed beyond words :).

{Hence the short blog post…although something tells me I’ll be sharing much more once I catch a break from my horrible case of morning sickness.}

Sincerely, Kymberly

A Donald Duck Nautical Birthday Party

Donald Duck Nautical themed birthday party invitationDonald Duck Nautical themed birthday party // party favorsDonald Duck Nautical birthday // party favorsDonald Duck Nautical birthday cakeDonald Duck birthday cake // ombre birthday cakeDonald Duck Nautical themed birthday party // pie // desert tableDonald Duck Nautical birthday pieDonald Duck Nautical birthday utensilsDonald Duck Nautical birthday theme // toy stationDonald Duck Nautical birthday party // coloring stationDonald Duck Nautical birthday // coloring bookDonald Duck Nautical birthday // coloring station // crayons // coloring bookDonald Duck Nautical birthday // photo booth // cardboard boatbirthday party food // taco guy // street tacosTaco truck // Taco guy // street tacos Blowing out candles // Donald Duck Nautical birthday cakeDonald Duck Nautical birthday party // cake cuttingbirthday cake // yellow ombre two tier cakebirthday party // toddler golfingDonald Duck Nautical birthday // toy station // kid's playDonald Duck Nautical birthday // toy station // toddler's playingbirthday party // poolpool party // toddler 2 year partyDonald Duck Nautical birthday party photo propsDonald Duck Nautical theme sailboat photo propsDonald Duck doesn’t get enough credit as compared to his counterpart Mickey Mouse.  But for my son, he’s everything.

Maybe it’s Donald’s silly voice or that he is a sailor (Harrison shares an equal love for all things water related).   For whatever reason our son loves Donald; and deciding on a Donald Duck Nautical birthday party was the perfect theme for Harrison’s 2nd birthday.

Some highlights of the pool party included the toy station, coloring station, and photo booth.  One of my major DIY projects was making the boat and all of its nautical props.  I simply constructed a boat out of a giant cardboard box and painted both the boat and props in coordinating colors.

The food arena is where I got plenty of help from.  We hired a taco guy to cater the event.  A dear friend made the home-made pies, and the two-tiered ombre cake was purchased at Vons (can ya believe that?)  For a killer deal of $35 bucks I had them create the yellow ombre effect and I DIY’d the Donald Duck cake topper.

Gift bags included sailor attire (a sailor hat and nautical bandana), a mini inflatable beach ball, and a yellow rubber ducky.

Overall, the party was a success!  All 15 of his toddler buddies enjoyed themselves and I do believe the parents did too :).  And hey, we even had a little birthday drama that we quickly dusted our shoulders off …but what’s a party without a little flair to it ;) ?

Sincerely, Kymberly


custom invitations: Owen and Sally

gift bag items: Oriental Trading



I mentioned in this post, our summer kick-off trip was to Moab, Utah.  The week began with wedding festivities;  followed by hiking trips thru Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse State Park.  Ending the trip with a cruise around the Colorado river, made this my favorite trip of the year.  A trip to be remembered for being surrounded by love, breathtaking views, and a big emphasis on hiking, hiking, and well…hiking.  My Keen’s put on some serious mileage per my Strava app.

With the plan of keeping my blog updated with the usual 2 -3 posts per week, I was suppose to share our Moab adventures shortly after.  That would have been about a month ago but…

Plan B, you win.

Instead, I fell into the trap of fully embracing (and let’s be honest) enjoying summer.  Whether we were in Colorado vacationing or staying in the comforts of our beach town, I’ve somehow got into my head I’m on vacation all summer.  I tell ya, the sun can do that to a girl ;).

But stay tuned for more recaps of my summer adventures.  I can’t keep a muzzle on myself any longer.  I’ve got plenty to share and you are just the person I want to spill the beans too ;).

Sincerely, Kymberly
utah boarder signwatering hole hike // moab utahtoddler hiking in moab utahisland in the sky // canyonlands // moab utahmoab utah hikekeen shoes // hiking // moab utaharches hike // moab utaharches national park // moab utahbalanced rock // arches national park // moab utahdeuter kid carrier // hikingdead horse state park // moab utahdead horse state park // colorado river // moab utahdead horse state park // moabhiking shoes // moab utahcolorado river // dead horse state park // moab utah

Shopping for Sunnies

Warby Parker // Packaging  I recently became friends with the folks over at Warby Parker and they introduced me to their Home Try-On program.  The gist of it is simple:  pick 5 sunglasses, for 5 days, and it’s totally free.  With summer days ahead, tortoise sunnies have quickly topped my wish-list.  So I thanked WP for the heads up (complete with a smiley face emoticon, thumbs up, and raise the roof emoji) and headed over to their site to order.

Warby Parker //  Warby Home Try OnWarby Parker // summer sunglassesWarby Parker // Reilly frameWarby Parker // RobinsonWarby Parker // Quimby frameWarby Parker // Lowry frameWarby Parker // Banks frameWarby Parker // 5 sunglassesWarby Parker // sideThe 5 sunglasses I choose where all from their new summer collection: Reilly, Robinson, Quimby, Lowry, and Banks.  A stunning set of spectacles if you ask me.


Warby Parker // ReillyRobinson:

Warby Parker // Robinson try on

Warby Parker // Quimby try on

Warby Parker // Lowry try on

Banks:Warby Parker // Banks try onI have to say, I adore them all.

This calls for round 2.  With my top 3 choices in hand, I went outside to see if mother nature’s natural lighting could narrow down my choice:

Warby Parker // Reilly outsideWarby Parker // Lowry outsideWarby Parker // Banks outsideStill a tough choice, but I think I’m leaning towards…

Warby Parker // summer 2014 sunglassesWarby Parker // Lowry try on insideThe Lowry!!

Okay friends, what do ya think?  Yay!  or Nay? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Sincerely, Kymberly

Love the shades yourself?  I encourage you to test out the Home Try-On program.

To seal the deal, here’s 5 reasons why I shop at Warby Parker:

(5)  Super Chic and GQ-like style.

(4)  Polarized lenses come standard.

(3)  Quality materials used.

(2)  Buy a pair, give a pair program.

(1)  $95/pair.

Happy Shopping ;)

Bath Time

bath time // HBbath time // toddler // 1bath time // toddler // 2bath time // toddler // 3Our evening ritual of bath time, followed by reading, and then kisses good-night is often a highlight of my day.  Undoubtably it’s because I’m spending family time with the two most amazing people in my life, but it’s also a sign that I’m going to get some “me” time come an hour from now.

And I’ve got to say, after snapping away pictures of my little cutie and now sitting down to reflect at his white-butt cuteness, I’m sure thankful I get to spend my days with him.

And that’s just about all the sappiness I’m going to get into today.  This Sicilian table wine is starting to kick in and I’d hate to start blabbering about nonsense and xodfsdtcyxlfdstsdystsfy?  Bcpothoangeth/bfd1oOmgondgao xovlsadmflsdoxcjvodmo 0m3cmdsoflmoomfqqoifidnvoeijenvievmelkafjoeiofwemcoeiangeineamiveningsoineo!!! Ufzmdjolomanfeaaingeanvigaonblivnellvjeinaimadiv eolngaoinvoieanaiedfsaod… Lojogdjvalvie.  I3ioic90900j354vtiveli. Uniantilanteaunvealteniv.

Oh no!  What did I just do…


Sincerely, Kymberly